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The charms of Yamaguchi Prefecture

The charms of Yamaguchi Prefecture


Yamaguchi Prefecture is located on the westernmost tip of Japan’s largest island Honshu, surrounded by water and having a mild climate. Yamaguchi Prefecture has relatively few damaging storms, floods and earthquakes, and is ranked 6th for Japan’s longest coastline where you can gaze upon its open and inland blue seas, its gently sloping green mountains and its vast pastoral scenery. It is the ideal region for training and long term boarding due to its peaceful environment. In addition, the average temperature, highest temperature, and average humidity data is shown to have almost the same values as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics venue, making it possible to train in the same conditions as the actual competition.

Monthly average temperatures of Yamaguchi and Tokyo / Monthly average humidity of Yamaguchi and Tokyo

Sports associated with daily life


In Yamaguchi Prefecture, the prefecture, city and towns work together, each promoting sports that can only be done in its own area. In order to revitalize towns through sports, sports are promoted in citizens’ everyday lives.



Training facility

Yamaguchi Prefecture is located in a peaceful environment offering various facilities for well-endowed training and living accommodations. For example, Shimonoseki City has two training facilities for handball, basketball, volleyball, football, and other sports. Ube City also has two facilities making it an excellent choice for training in judo, boccia. The city of Yamaguchi has three training facilities ideal for swimming, golf, football, and other sports. Abu River Canoe Field is located in Hagi City. Iwakuni Sports Park is available for basketball, fencing, and other sports training. Nagato City is ideal for rugby, wheelchair rugby training. The Shunan General Athletic Center, in Shunan, is available for training in judo, handball, basketball, and other sports. Sanyo Onoda City has excellent training sites for soccer and para-cycling.

Facility photo
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Beautiful magnificent natural sceneries

Something that must not be overlooked in Yamaguchi Prefecture is its various enchanting and mystical natural sceneries. Recently ongoing international topics around Facebook have been the Tsunoshima Bridge which seems to stretch endlessly through the blue sea and sky. Located in the middle of the prefecture is Akiyoshidai, one of Japan’s natural legacies, and is recognized as a “Geo-Park” holding Japan’s largest karst plateau. You can enjoy trekking and driving throughout the area. To the east of the prefecture, there is the beautiful five-arched Kintaikyo Bridge built entirely with the alignment of wood and without a single nail.
In addition, there are the power restoring hot springs or onsen like Tawarayama Onsen known as “The West Champion of the Onsen Worlds,” which contain antioxidants. There are many hot springs located within each area of the prefecture. It is the perfect spot for a refresher after training.


Historical heritages


In Japanese history, Yamaguchi Prefecture has been a large stage for change from aristocracy to samurai society and then samurai to modern society. It also boasts various cultural and historical heritage sites. In 2015, Meiji Japan’s Industrial Revolution Heritage Sites were recorded as World Heritage sites, and of the 23 listed as World Heritage sites in Japan, 5 of them are From Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Reverberatory furnace of Hagi


Seasonal fresh foodstuffs and delicious food


Surrounded by the sea on three sides, Yamaguchi Prefecture can offer a variety of blessings from the sea and mountains. One of the most popular products is local sake, which is exported to countries around the world. From fresh natural blessings to traditional delicacies, savor the food that only Yamaguchi can offer to your heart's content.

Seasonal fresh foodstuffs and delicious food(Iwakuni Sushi / Fugu Sashimi(Blowfish Sashimi) / Kawarasoba(“Roof-tile”noodles) / Local brand of sake)

Citizen’s hospitality “Omotenashi”


In 2015, Yamaguchi Prefecture held the World Scout Jamboree where people from children to elderly, the public administration to private enterprises worked together in solidarity to provide hospitality to those from different countries worldwide. From this experience, Yamaguchi Prefecture would like to offer its best hospitality from the bottom of their hearts to those of each country for training grounds and living accommodations.

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