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privacy policy

Personal information, which is provided to the Sports Promotion Division,Yamaguchi Prefectural Government through this website, will be handled correctly based on the "Yamaguchi Privacy Protection Ordinance" as follows.

What is personal information?

Personal information is information on individuals, such as addresses, names, telephone numbers and email addresses, which can lead to the identification of individuals.

Collection of personal information

While using this website, we, Yamaguchi Prefecture, might ask you to provide us with personal information. By using this website, you agree to the collection of this information. We clearly state the purpose of collecting the information and we only collect the minimum amount of information required for the purpose.

Using and providing information

The personal information we collect from users will only be used within the range of the clearly indicated purposes, which is stated in advance. The personal information will not be used beyond the collection purposes, provided to a third person or the like unless otherwise provided for by the Privacy Protection Ordinance. (For example, personal information may be used for other purposes if agreed to by website users.) Management of personal information

Management of personal information

The personal information collected from users will be managed appropriately and appropriate measures will be taken to prevent leakages, misappropriations, falsifications and the like of the information

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