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Yamaguchi City

facility's list

Yamaguchi Kirara EXPO Memorial Park

A comprehensive facility that features a swimming pool, a general-purpose dome, soccer pitch, rugby field, etc.

Sporting events covered

  • Swimming race
  • Water polo
  • Synchronixed Swimming
  • Swimming race

Ishin Memorial Park Sports Stadium

The home stadium of professional soccer team Renofa Yamaguchi

Sporting events covered

  • Football
  • Athletics


A golf course with 72 holes, which is the largest in western Japan

Sporting events covered

  • Golf

About Yamaguchi

Yamaguchi images

Yamaguchi: Kyoto of the west

Located roughly at the center of Yamaguchi Prefecture, Yamaguchi City is a cultural city where rich nature and history co-exist. In the Muromachi period (1336–1573), the city developed after Ouchi Hiroyo set up the base of the Ouchi clan here. The clan would then reach the height of its glory, as Ouchi Yoshioki and Yoshitaka became the greatest lords of western Japan. Also at the end of the Edo period (1603–1868), the domain administrative headquarters was moved from Hagi City to Yamaguchi City, and the city played a central role in the Meiji Restoration. The city still has a lot of historical heritage and nature, including the Yuda Hot Spring which was visited by the leading personalities of the Meiji Restoration and by cultural figures, the calm Seto Inland Sea and soothing forests. As such, Yamaguchi City is expected to continue to develop as a tourist city.

Yamaguchi images

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