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Ube City

facility's list

Ube Budoukan

Covering various martial arts such as judo, kendo and karate

Sporting events covered

  • Judo

Tawarada Martial Gymnasium

90 minutes by air from Tokyo. Close to the airport and many medical facilities as well

Sporting events covered

  • Boccia

Ono Lake

Special course for boat racing, set on dam lake.

Sporting events covered

  • Canoe

About Ube

Ube images

Ube: the city of sculpture

Ube City is situated in the southwest part of Yamaguchi Prefecture, which is at the western edge of the main island of Japan. It is adjacent to Sanyo-onoda City to the west, Yamaguchi City to the east, Mine City to the north and the Seto Inland Sea to the south. Let’s look at the transportation environment. The Sanyo Honsen and Ube railway lines run from east to west, and the Sanyo Expressway crosses the center of the city. Ube Port, which is an important port and harbor, can be found on the coast. Yamaguchi Ube Airport is located near the urban district. Thus, the transportation environment is well-developed in terms of land, sea and air. The city has the typical climate of the Seto Inland Sea, being warm and with relatively less rainfall. The hilly district above the city’s central area is rich in nature and is inhabited by various animals and plants. Because the southern part faces the sea, the city is blessed not only with food from the mountains, but also with seafood.

Ube images

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