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Shimonoseki City

facility's list

Simonoseki Martial Arts Gymnasium

A martial arts complex with a large hall that can also be used for ball sports

Sporting events covered

  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Judo
  • Badminton
  • Table tennis

Nogihama Comprehensive Park

A comprehensive park that has natural-turf grounds and clay-paved grounds

Sporting events covered

  • Football

Misaka Natural Forest

Base facilities where climbing, mountain bike, camping can be done.

Sporting events covered

  • Mountain bike

About Shimonoseki

Shimonoseki images

Shimonoseki: the city of straits

Located at the westernmost edge of the main island of Japan, Shimonoseki is a strait city that opens to the sea, is embraced by greenery and boasts delicious foods. By tracing the cityscape with its rich history, you can become a traveler from ancient times, and by overlooking the straits in a salt breeze, you can feel like a traveler from a foreign country. This is what the city of Shimonoseki is like.

Shimonoseki images

Link to the Shimonoseki Tourist Information site

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