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Sanyo-onoda City

facility's list

Onoda Soccer Exchange Park

Contains a natural-turf soccer pitch, artificial-grass general-purpose sports square, etc.

Sporting events covered

  • Football

Sanyo Auto

One of the five auto racing (motorcycle racing) facilities in Japan

Sporting events covered

  • Para-cycling

About Sanyo-onoda

Sanyo-onoda images

Sanyo-onoda: the city of harmony

Situated in the southwestern part of the prefecture, Sanyo-onoda City is a quiet place surrounded by rich natural environment including mountain, river and sea. The view from Ryuozan Park, located in the southern part of the city, has been chosen as one of the “50 Landscapes of Setouchi Yumekaido,” providing an overwhelming panoramic 360-degree view from the lookout. The evening sun setting into the horizon at the foot of Ryuozan Park has been chosen as one of the “100 Sunsets of Japan.” In the Sanyo area, many parks and golf courses can be found. In 1881, the first privately-owned cement manufacturer was founded here, leading to the city’s development as an industrial city. In the urban area, the Sanyo Expressway Ube-Shimonoseki Route, as well as National Routes 2, 190 and 316, can be found, and the Sanyo Shinkansen line and other JR lines including the Sanyo Honsen, Mine and Onoda railway lines also run through the area. Thus, the city has been thriving as an important point for transportation.

Sanyo-onoda images

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