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Nagato City

facility's list

Nagato City-Tawarayama Multipurpose Park

A rugby field in the middle of vast nature, adjacent to which there is also a hot spring facility

Sporting events covered

  • Rugby

Nagato City General Gymnasium

A comprehensive gymnastics hall built with a cultural hall (Renaissa Nagato)

Sporting events covered

  • Wheelchair rugby

About Nagato

Nagato images

Nagato: the city of the sea

Facing the Sea of Japan, the majority of Nagato City is designated as the Kita-nagato Kaigan Quasi-National Park and boasts rich natural scenery. Omi Island is designated as a National Site of Scenic Beauty and a Natural Treasure, and is also known as the “Alps on the water,” with the continuation of strange rocks and bizarre stones. Senjojiki overlooks a stunning view from upland at an elevation of 333 meters. Higashi-ushirobata Rice Terrace has been chosen as one of the 100 Rice Terraces of Japan due to its good harmony with the evening sun and fishing lights. At Ryugu-no-shiofuki, which blows up seawater high up to 30 meters while making a sound due to the crashing of the raging waves of the Sea of Japan, you can witness the primeval scenery of Japan.

Nagato images

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