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Hagi City

facility's list

Abu River Canoe Field

A canoe course located downstream of Abugawa Dam

Sporting events covered

  • Canoe

About Hagi

Hagi imeges

Hagi: the city of the Restoration

In 1604, after the Battle of Sekigahara, Mori Terumoto (a grandson of Mori Motonari) established Hagi Castle as a residential castle covering the two provinces of Suo and Nagato, which yielded 360,000 koku of rice, and Hagi flourished as the center of the two provinces for about 260 years through to the Meiji Restoration. The atmosphere as a castle town and the town distribution back then still remain today, giving you a taste of a castle town in the Edo period (1603–1868.) Hagi City has a lot of historical, cultural and natural must-see spots.

Hagi imeges

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